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Inflatable Boats

The number of companies offering inflatable boats in the Russian market is constantly growing. Inflatable boats are the most rapidly developing area in our company too.

inflatable boats

Boat balloons are made of a reinforced five-layer material PVC DURATEX 1100

aluminium sections

We provide a 5 years’ guarantee for the material of the boat

ZapСаt Gemini company

The first inflatable catamaran in Russia

Balloons and outboard implements for our boats are made at a factory in South Korea under the Badger trademark. Boat balloons are made of a reinforced five-layer material PVC DURATEX 1100, which has the density of 1.1 kg/m2, while the bottom is made of a similar material with the density of 1.3 kg/m2.

To ensure the optimum pressure distribution, inflatable balloons are divided by elliptical partitions and equipped with Push-Push type patent valves made under our special order in Italy.

At our small production facility the boats are provided with a bottom with aluminium locks. The bottom ceiling of the boat is made by us in St. Petersburg of specially prepared multi-ply veneer. The ends of water-proof plywood panels are protected by reinforced aluminium sections.

The Badger inflatable boat is a full-value solution for people who have no dock for wintertime lay-up of the vessel or for those who do not wish busying themselves with a trailer required to carry a metal or plastic boat. We provide a 5 years’ guarantee for the material of the boat and quality of the seams and a 1 year guarantee for all the outboard equipment, including the bottom ceiling, oars and the pump. Therefore, more and more potential buyers choose the Badger inflatable boats.

Quite recently we started cooperation with the Gemini company Gemini company. ZapСаt has become the first inflatable catamaran in Russia.

You can feel ZapСаt only by trying it on water. Which is what we have done. Just turn the accelerator handle, and the boat is literally “shot” from water. And it is already smoothly flying over the waves. A sharp turn, a column of splashes and the overloads remind you that it is not for no reason that extra fastening for feet is mounted on the vessel.
The first testing in Russia, carried out jointly with experts from the Inomarka (Foreign-Made Model) magazine has shown that with the Selva 30 engine, ZapCat is capable of making up to 65 km/hr.

Scoprega Bravo is a well-known Italian producer supplying us with inflatable boats accessories.

All foot-operated Bravo pumps are made of high-quality plastic, and all metal parts are of stainless steel. Each pump is provided with universal adapters. 


Badger is interested in partnership with producers of original-design vessels for a narrow market sector: sporting, tourist, fishing and hunting

Our further plans of developing this direction are already beyond the framework of usual inflatable boats. We expect that in the years to come, with the participation of Russian specialists, we shall obtain several series of inflatable boats: Sport, Fishing и Leisure. In this connection, we are interested in expanding cooperation with manufacturers of accessories and component parts for boats of such a class.

In the opinion of our experts, the increase in the sales of plastic boats that started ten year ago has stabilized and will start going down some time later. Today many of potential customers would like to acquire a vessel that would be specialized to a sufficient extent rather than a usual boat 18-23 feet long for any occasion.

Customers ask for high-speed yawls, many fishers are interested in buying a boat with a rigid aluminium body that would resist stone impacts, and hunters need a vessel especially intended for moving in shallow waters.

This list of various areas in the development of our business is far from being complete. Badger is interested in partnership with producers of original-design vessels for a narrow market sector: sporting, tourist, fishing and hunting.

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