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This large section may be divided into two groups of goods.
The most popular among domestic fishers is the group of fish finders.


GPS navigators and fish finders from famous manufacturer

 Vexilar FL-18

Leader in color flasher depth finder / fish finder technology
Water resources management by industrial enterprises that is not always correct, as well as the fishing that is often not supervised by anybody, have resulted in the fact that there is much less fish now in a number of our countrys regions than there used to be. Respectively, the search for fish became much more difficult, and special equipment is required for that purpose. The fish finder has become a kind assistant in this for many of our fishers.

We offer our clients the modern model series of instruments made by Garmin, forward scanning sonars Interphase Interphase, as well as wintertime fish finders Vexilar.

Russian navigators have appreciated the Interphase fish finder, which makes it possible to see through water both under the vessel bottom and ahead. Thanks to this, collisions with rocks and reefs can be avoided, a navigable channel in shallow waters can be found, the structure of the shore slope can be closely discerned, a safe passage among reefs can be found, grounding avoided, and fish seen before it can notice anything.

The unconditional leader in the world of colour fish finders are products of the Vexilar company. With the new FL-18 fish finder model of the Vexilar company one can fish immediately after fish is detected, saving time and space, without loosing ones way and without wasting time purposelessly on ice, while waiting for bite. An important feature of the Vexilar FL series fish finder is that the fisher can see his bait right on the screen of this superb instrument. As a result, the fisher will always be able to feed his bait directly to fish.

This year we have started cooperation with the Navman company and are sure that our fishers will appreciate this new series of instruments.


Manufactures forward scanning sonars

The second group of the electronic goods we offer to customers is represented by GPS navigators.

Here, products of Garmin are the sales leader, however, recently users have been showing more and more interest in GPS navigational devices operating with C-Map cartridges. Our forecast is that little by little products of the American company Interphase will be occupying the first places.

This is mainly due to the fact that today a user who is on the water needs both data on the vessels location and detailed information on the water body itself. This cannot be done using a usual map and driving a high-speed boat with your free hand at the same time.
Chart plotters capability to represent the course, coordinates, depths, speed, azimuth and the distance to the planned reference point, with its compactness and moisture resistance, attracts more and more potential users in Russia.

Navmans GPS navigators are just being adapted in our market, and so far it is quite difficult to forecast their future in this market.

In our opinion, this list of fish-finders that we could offer today is far from complete. The electronics market is constantly changing; new models of instruments emerge, as well as new producers. 

We are always glad to establish new contacts and are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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