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Selva and Phoenix on Solovki. Sports for Real Seals
Where do real water animals dwell? The very real water animals dwell where there is the real surf. Preferably, the surf of an ocean. But, as there is a problem with oceans in Russia, or, to be more exact, we have only one - the Arctic Ocean, we shall have to either go somewhere very far from our historical motherland, to the places that have an ocean, or turn into a frozen water animal, the author of the article being one of such creatures.... More
Mora Spiralen and Mora Expert Ice Drills. Two Seasons of Active Operation
For two seasons, these drills have been actively used on water reservoirs of Amur Oblast, where the ice thickness is up to 3 (!!!) metres.
My impressions of the drills are most positive. They doubtlessly exceed all domestic models by capacity, making it possible to 'pierce' ice softly to 1.4 meters with a standard extension insert.... More
Reasonable Inexpensive Water Recreation or the Exploitation Experience of the Badger Inflatable Boat and the Selva Outboard Engine.
Having surfed various sites and having read clever peoples ideas I realized that to drag a water-skier or a wakeboarder one needs a boat no shorter than 3.6 m and an outboard engine of at least 30 h.p. ... More
An attempt to make a real engine from Veterok
The outboard boat engine Veterok meets the taste and desire of a wide circle of consumers. By its power and reliability, it will satisfy various fans of water recreation (from an advertising brochure of the manufacturing plant)... More
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