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A Faulty Valve Change.
Most valve breakages are caused by mechanical damage. Just imagine your boat is deflated after a fishing trip. Your friends are helping you to pack it away. And accidentally someone treads on the valve, under which a rock lies. It is hardly possible to hear the crack in such a situation ... More
Kuningatar, the Hit of 2001
I saw this spoon for the first time early in 2001 when I received samples of Lindroos products for testing. The strange configuration of the bait was striking. I had already seen a similar device, though that one had been home-made. My teacher in winter baiting of perches, Valera Parfyonov, had used such a Kuningatar, too. The hand-made Kuningatar was called an "airplane" and was very efficient in shallow waters on the first ice.... More
The report on the Open Championship Badger Cup 2003
On 18th 19th January 2003 on the ice of Lake Hepoyarvi, fishermen showed their skills in ice trolling competing in the Open City Championship for the Badger Cup. There were 12 teams of 3 people. The participating teams arrived not only from St. Petersurg, but from Moscow, the Moscow region (Yubileiny), Novgorod the Great and Karelia. ... More
"We'll Find a Way out - with Luck or without!" Testing of Caps and Gloves of the Thinsulate material.
Testing area: Far East, the foothills of the Tukuringra ridge, temperature from -26o during the day to -44o in the night, north-eastern gusty wind of 2-5 meters per second, atmospheric pressure of 730-750 mm Hg, height above sea level: 320 m. ... More
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