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Testing of the Sonar GKF-02
The sonar was tested during training before the All-Russian Spinning Competition Saratovskaya Blesna (the Saratov Lure) on the Volga near Saratov.

The sonar does not depict the bottom soil structure very clearly. However, it clearly shows all the obstacles such as snags, rocks and edges. ... More
A Faulty Valve Change.
Most valve breakages are caused by mechanical damage. Just imagine your boat is deflated after a fishing trip. Your friends are helping you to pack it away. And accidentally someone treads on the valve, under which a rock lies. It is hardly possible to hear the crack in such a situation ... More
Reasonable Inexpensive Water Recreation or the Exploitation Experience of the Badger Inflatable Boat and the Selva Outboard Engine.
Having surfed various sites and having read clever peoples ideas I realized that to drag a water-skier or a wakeboarder one needs a boat no shorter than 3.6 m and an outboard engine of at least 30 h.p. ... More
The AirFish inflatable boat weights just 29 kg
I have always dreamt about a boat for shallow water. A boat that would not take up too much space in a car, and would be light enough for me to carry it to the water, and would be easy to assemble.

A common inflatable boat with air deck (rigid inflatable bottom) is not bad. However, though it is quite big on the outside, there is not much space inside. And suddenly I found a motor boat fully made of the AirDeck material (common boats have bottom made of this material). ... More
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