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A Faulty Valve Change.
Most valve breakages are caused by mechanical damage. Just imagine your boat is deflated after a fishing trip. Your friends are helping you to pack it away. And accidentally someone treads on the valve, under which a rock lies. It is hardly possible to hear the crack in such a situation

To change the valve you will need a special wrench. Do not try to extract it with improvised means, you could damage it and then it will be much more difficult to extract. If you do not have a special brand wrench, you can make one yourself. You will need a pipe of 13 to 20 mm in diameter made of metal or hard plastic and a fretsaw to make teeth? for contact with internal surface of the valve. At the top you can make a cylindrical hole for tap-wrench? / shoulder? / tommy bar?/

Well, when everything is ready! The balloons should be deflated. Feel through the material and grab the valve counterpart, so called glass?.

Unscrew the valve from the glass? with the wrench. Sometimes the valve is very difficult to unscrew because it has got stuck after a long-term exploitation. In such cases you can use the Zhidky Kliuch (Liquid Wrench) spray for cars.

Before installing a new valve, it would be advisable to inspect the faulty one. Sometimes it is enough to blow it and wash it in soapy water and put a little grease on the stuck spring.

If your old valve resists this intensive therapy, change it for a new one.

Holding the valve counterpart (the glass?) with your hand, screw the new valve with the wrench. Do not be over zealous!

The new valve should be screwed in tightly enough, but not dead tight?!

Firstly, perhaps you will have to unscrew it one day. Secondly, excessive tightening torque can easily break the valve or the wrench.

Inflate the balloon and check the joint air tightness with soapy water.

If it is not airtight, screw it more tightly.

Written by Vladimir Pulyak
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