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A Few Words about Model 76
Everybody knows that navigators can be good and … very well. In which group should we include the new model from GARMIN - GPS 76? It might be initially assumed that the new model must inherit from its predecessors only the best features and introduce some new ones. Let us check this. For this purpose, let us take the instrument and go to the Pavlovsk area in order to mix business with pleasure.

One thing can be stated for sure at once: the instrument is rather large; you will not hold it for a long time in the palm of your hand. When held in the pocket, model 76 plays up, too; it peeps after any accidental push on any of the buttons. But this can be prevented, too, by leaving the sound effects in the settings for messages only. As far as I understand, the GARMIN company has not yet designed any special casing with a transparent screen for this model, and the casing from the twelfth model can be used as an option. This casing is quite O.K. to carry the instrument.

Now, about the main thing.

The screen. It is chic, with its size of 41 х 56 mm. Each of its pages has a lot of information windows, in which you can see anything. At first, it distracts you a little, but then you get used to it. Besides, their number can be increased or reduced as you wish.

The graphics of the map page is simply magnificent. All movements are monitored and shown by a very fine dotted line, and they merge only on the smallest scale. It is very interesting to work with a three-dimensional graphics page. In the demo mode you can even play, like with some Tetris game, giving the GO TO command, changing the speed and direction of the motion using the central button.

There is an interesting feature, of which I have not found any information in the instructions, but nevertheless. These are information windows for displaying data on the depth and temperature of water, as well as indication of shallow areas or deep-water places. Obviously, feedback with the depth/fish finder is provided for. This feature will hardly be used by the user, but it exists.

As to extra "joys" there are phases of the Moon and the Sun, plus calculation of lucky time for hunting and fishing, like in the ETREX series, there is also the possibility of working with an outside aerial, it is buoyancy positive (does not sink, I have checked it).

Having analysed the above, we can say with confidence that GPS-76 is the best replacement of GPS12XL, a more large-format option than ETREX VENTURA, and, still, it is better to be used in the stationary version.

By Andrey Glushchenko (

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