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The AirFish inflatable boat weights just 29 kg
I have always dreamt about a boat for shallow water. A boat that would not take up too much space in a car, and would be light enough for me to carry it to the water, and would be easy to assemble.

A common inflatable boat with air deck (rigid inflatable bottom) is not bad. However, though it is quite big on the outside, there is not much space inside. And suddenly I found a motor boat fully made of the AirDeck material (common boats have bottom made of this material). ... More
Reasonable Inexpensive Water Recreation or the Exploitation Experience of the Badger Inflatable Boat and the Selva Outboard Engine.
Having surfed various sites and having read clever peoples ideas I realized that to drag a water-skier or a wakeboarder one needs a boat no shorter than 3.6 m and an outboard engine of at least 30 h.p. ... More
A Faulty Valve Change.
Most valve breakages are caused by mechanical damage. Just imagine your boat is deflated after a fishing trip. Your friends are helping you to pack it away. And accidentally someone treads on the valve, under which a rock lies. It is hardly possible to hear the crack in such a situation ... More
Testing of the Sonar GKF-02
The sonar was tested during training before the All-Russian Spinning Competition Saratovskaya Blesna (the Saratov Lure) on the Volga near Saratov.

The sonar does not depict the bottom soil structure very clearly. However, it clearly shows all the obstacles such as snags, rocks and edges. ... More
Selva and Phoenix on Solovki. Sports for Real Seals
Where do real water animals dwell? The very real water animals dwell where there is the real surf. Preferably, the surf of an ocean. But, as there is a problem with oceans in Russia, or, to be more exact, we have only one - the Arctic Ocean, we shall have to either go somewhere very far from our historical motherland, to the places that have an ocean, or turn into a frozen water animal, the author of the article being one of such creatures.... More
The report on the Open Championship Badger Cup 2003
On 18th 19th January 2003 on the ice of Lake Hepoyarvi, fishermen showed their skills in ice trolling competing in the Open City Championship for the Badger Cup. There were 12 teams of 3 people. The participating teams arrived not only from St. Petersurg, but from Moscow, the Moscow region (Yubileiny), Novgorod the Great and Karelia. ... More
Mora Spiralen and Mora Expert Ice Drills. Two Seasons of Active Operation
For two seasons, these drills have been actively used on water reservoirs of Amur Oblast, where the ice thickness is up to 3 (!!!) metres.
My impressions of the drills are most positive. They doubtlessly exceed all domestic models by capacity, making it possible to 'pierce' ice softly to 1.4 meters with a standard extension insert.... More
A Few Words about Model 76
Everybody knows that navigators can be good and very well. In which group should we include the new model from GARMIN - GPS 76? It might be initially assumed that the new model must inherit from its predecessors only the best features and introduce some new ones. Let us check this. For this purpose, let us take the instrument and go to the Pavlovsk area in order to mix business with pleasure.... More
The Cup of Ladoga 2002
The traditional competition of winter spoon-bait users was held on the 24th and 25th of February in Leningrad Oblast.... More
"Veilar"! - a Dash, a Strike Here It Is!
I would like to share my impression of the Vexilar FL 8SLT and Vexilar FL-18 depth/fish finders tested by me. My first acquisition was the FL 8SLT depth/fish finder, which is well-known and, judging by references and information in the Internet, well-tested in other countries.... More
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