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The new Sport Line inflatable boat series
2004 also saw a new series of Badger sport boats with asymmetrical cones at the balloon ends. This engineering solution significantly improves boats hydrodynamic characteristics and ensures additional lifting capacity which in the end positively influences the boat ability to start hydroplaning and reduces running trim caused by drastic run-up of the engine. ... More
The new Selva four-stroke outboards.
At the end of 2004, after a test run, Selva introduced three new models of four-stroke outboards: Oyster 5 h.p. and 6 h.p. with engine volume of 135 cc, and Black Bass 7,5 h.p. with engine volume of 197 cc. ... More
Charter Fishing is Available in St. Petersburg Now!
It is clearly obvious nowadays that any boat, especially a motor boat considerably expands a modern fishermans possibilities giving them a much better choice of the fishing places and techniques. In cases where the motor boat is big enough and especially equipped for fishing, there are practically no restrictions for serious fishing. ... More
Selva Madeira Achieved a Leading Position in Inflatable Boat Race.
As a part of the June exhibition Boat Show St. Petersburg 2004 in the Finnish Gulf there was the annual inflatable boat race for the prizes provided by the Katera and Yahty Magazine (the Motor & Sailing Boats).

This year several inflatable boats made by various producers were equipped with the Selva outboards. ... More
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