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One More Fish Recognition Quiz has been Completed.
The point of the quiz was to recognize a part of a fish from its photo. According to the competition rules there are three prizes one for the participant who answers the question correctly first. ... More
The new Selva four-stroke outboards.
At the end of 2004, after a test run, Selva introduced three new models of four-stroke outboards: Oyster 5 h.p. and 6 h.p. with engine volume of 135 cc, and Black Bass 7,5 h.p. with engine volume of 197 cc. ... More
The new Sport Line inflatable boat series
2004 also saw a new series of Badger sport boats with asymmetrical cones at the balloon ends. This engineering solution significantly improves boats hydrodynamic characteristics and ensures additional lifting capacity which in the end positively influences the boat ability to start hydroplaning and reduces running trim caused by drastic run-up of the engine. ... More
Badger is the Sponsor of the Russian Spinning League!
In the beginning of 2005 Badger became the official sponsor of the Russian spinning league. Founded several years ago the Russian spinning league is the only actively functioning All-Russian spinning fishing association, uniting most of the best Russian sportsmen. ... More
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