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Badger has Launched a New Site
If you are interested in outboards, do not miss the new site dedicated to Selva Marine products. ... More
Boat-Show is back on the Banks of the Neva!
Badger is pleased to invite you to the Boat-Show exhibition that is to take place at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complexs territory on 5th to 9th June 2002. ... More
The New Service the Selva Outboards Exchange.
You can change your Selva outboard for another one with more appropriate power characteristics. The old outboard is accepted in part exchange for a new one, you only have to pay the difference in price between the new outboard and the old one.... More
The First Russian Silver Award.
On 1st June 2003 Italian village Termo di Comano welcomed the first Trout Spinning World Championship. Our national team took part in the last year World Cup too, and was at the 5th place then. ... More
Effective Performance of the Selva F.1000 at the 24 Hours Race.
It is widely known in Russia now that Selva is a top producer of sport outboards that successfully compete in 400, 500, 850 cc classes and, since recently in 1000 cc class as well. ... More
The Badger Cup Championship has been Completed!
The traditional ice trolling Badger Cup championship took place in January 2005 on the northern shore of Lake Ladoga near the village of Hiitola.... More
The 17th Issue of the Poplavok
The 17th issue of the Poplavok catalogue comprises as much as 124 pages showing you virtually the full range of products offered by Badger including major data and characteristics: ... More
Charter Fishing is Available in St. Petersburg Now!
It is clearly obvious nowadays that any boat, especially a motor boat considerably expands a modern fishermans possibilities giving them a much better choice of the fishing places and techniques. In cases where the motor boat is big enough and especially equipped for fishing, there are practically no restrictions for serious fishing. ... More
Selva Madeira Achieved a Leading Position in Inflatable Boat Race.
As a part of the June exhibition Boat Show St. Petersburg 2004 in the Finnish Gulf there was the annual inflatable boat race for the prizes provided by the Katera and Yahty Magazine (the Motor & Sailing Boats).

This year several inflatable boats made by various producers were equipped with the Selva outboards. ... More
The Fishing and Hunting Paradise Exhibition (25th-29th August
We would like to invite you to the Fishing and Hunting Paradise Exhibition which is to take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow on 25th to 29th 2004. We are exhibiting fishing tackle, trolling equipment, sonars and navigators at pavilion 69, while inflatable boats, outboards, and their accessories will be exhibited at pavilion 70 of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.... More
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