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Charter Fishing is Available in St. Petersburg Now!
It is clearly obvious nowadays that any boat, especially a motor boat considerably expands a modern fishermans possibilities giving them a much better choice of the fishing places and techniques. In cases where the motor boat is big enough and especially equipped for fishing, there are practically no restrictions for serious fishing.

Such boat are pretty expensive, moreover, you need to select all the necessary equipment and accessories. We have to remember as well that the summer season is limited, and in winter you need a special storehouse in which to keep such a boat.

There is an even more important point. How many times a season can most of us go fishing? At weekends, on holidays Not all that often. We spend more time preparing the tackle, choosing the place, etc, than actual fishing.

Charter fishing has become popular all around the world and has helped to solve these problems.

The only problem that remains is time. If you have time, you can make a reservation and come to the place where you will be met by the instructor.

It is even better to take your family and friends with you! The instructor?s job is to secure your safety and to ensure the 100% catch of your required fish.

Until very recently such fishing was available only abroad, but lately so called charter fishing has become available in our North-Western region.

The fishing guide Konstantin Levkin has learned a lot about organization of such fishing from our neighbours in Finland and Sweden, and has brought about his own ideas that solve most of the local specific difficulties.

Are you interested? Choose the time convenient for you and make a call, there is even no need to take your fishing rods with you

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