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Fishing Tackle

  • Kalastuskolmio - wintertime rods from Finland
  • Karismax - Finnish manufacturer of professional wintertime fishing rods 
  • Scotty - efficient trolling equipment manufacturer
  • Penn - reels and trolling spinning rods
  • KEN - Japanese manufacturer of reels and spinning rods
  • Pradco  - American wobblers for all occasions
  • Yakima - Canadian superb series of wobblers and spoon-baits manufacturer
  • Unitika  - wide range of spinning lines and fishing line manufacturer from Japan
  • SFT - Korean spoon-baits, wobblers, tippets and soft baits manufacturer

Fishing Nets and Ropes

  • Lindeman - leading Finnish fishing nets and fishing net mounting equipment manufacturer.
  • Kivikangans - Finnish company dealing with supplies of net sheets and fishing nets.


  • Selva Marine - the only European manufacturer of outboard boat engines, inflatable and plastic boats.
  • Selva - contains full technical information on design features of the Selva outboards in Russian  
  • Go-Devil - producer of boat engines for shallow waters
  • Ultraflex - manufacturer of accessories for vessel control
  • Motor Guide - manufacturer of outboard electric motors
  • Vator Oy - Finnish supplier of boat engines, inflatable boats and electronics. 
  • Катера и Яхты (Katera I Yakhty - 'Boats and Yachts') -  Russian edition dedicated to boats, engines, launches and yachts.

Inflatable Boats

  • Gemini - a world leader in the manufacture of inflatable boats
  • Phoenix - a manufacturer of inflatable boats from South Korea
  • Scoprega Bravo - an Italian manufacturer of pumps and accessories for inflatable boats 
  • 24 часа Санкт-Петербурга (24 Hours of St. Petersburg) - a Russian website dedicated to the 24-hour racing on RIB boats in St. Petersburg.


  • Garmin - a world leader in the production of a wide range of GPS navigators and fish finders
  • Vexilar - a manufacturer of fish/depth finders for wintertime fishing
  • Navman - an original series of GPS fish finders and navigators
  • Interphase - highly efficient forward scanning sonars and GPS navigators

Fishing Equipment

  • Eriksson - a Swedish manufacturer of blades and ice augers
  • Boleno - multigrade clothes for fishers and hunters
  • Flambeau - manufacturer of a wide range of fishing boxes and bags

Ice Augers

  • Eriksson - the world leader in the manufacture of ice augers and motor ice augers
  • Strike-Master - ice augers and motor ice augers from the USA
  • Jiffy - a manufacturer of original motor ice auger models.
  • YoY-search

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